Harmonix Dev Releases VR Music Experience (m)ORPH On Quest

Harmonix Dev Releases VR Music Experience (m)ORPH On Quest

(m)ORPH is a new experience, available now on SideQuest, was designed by Kasson Crooker, a former member of Rock Band VR and Audica developer, Harmonix.

This is fairly different to the usual Harmonix experience, though. (m)OPRH is all about interacting with music in real-time, with no scores to rack up of streaks to maintain. Across 9 songs from artists including Symbion Project, Kodomo and Micah Frank you can take in a series of surreal sights and sounds. It’s a VR experience built around meditation and immersion. Check it out in the trailer below.

Speaking to UploadVR, Crooker spoke a little bit about the decision to work on another VR project separate from the Harmonix team. “With VR being so immersive and supporting 360 degree spatial audio, I’ve spent the last few years on this passion project to create a music experience that let’s fans experience a whole new way of listening,” Crooker said.

“One thing I learned from making rhythm action games is that when players get to interact directly with musical elements, they get a whole new appreciation of the musical experience. I’m hoping I’ve captured that as well in (m)ORPH and that players will really get absorbed into the immersive, artistic experience!”

The piece is also coming to PC VR via Itch.io, though Crooker also hopes to bring it to more official stores like Steam in the future. Crooker is accepting donations for the work for now. Will you be checking out the app? Let us know in the comments below!

Credit: Harmonix Dev Releases VR Music Experience (m)ORPH On Quest